Global Semiconductor Industry Survey: Semiconductor Industry Conservatism This Year

According to the report of the “Global Semiconductor Industry Survey” released by the China Times’s KPMG, the future growth momentum is still dominated by mobile phones and wireless communication products, and smart phones will play a leading role. However, regardless of business or profit growth expectations, global semiconductor industry managers are generally conservative about the outlook this year, companies continue to reduce capital spending, the job market is not optimistic, intellectual property rights infringement will increase.

At the end of last year, KPMG conducted global semiconductor industry surveys for 155 high-level managers in semiconductor industries such as wafers, ICs, and packaging. More than half of the companies surveyed have annual turnover exceeding US$1 billion.

Yao Jun, vice president of the KPMG Technology, Media and Telecoms Division, pointed out that, regardless of business growth or profit growth expectations, the interviewed managers are generally conservative about the 2012 outlook. According to the survey results, the business confidence index of the semiconductor industry was 46, which was a downward trend compared to 60 in 2010 and 61 in 2009.

District Yaojun said that after a strong recovery in 2011 and 2010, it is expected that this year's industrial economy will temporarily slow down, and corporate capital expenditures, R&D expenditures, and staff employment growth will all decrease compared with previous years.

According to the terminal application market survey results, 62% of respondents believe that the expected growth momentum this year is still demand for mobile phones and other wireless communication products, and the other major growth momentum comes from computers and consumer products, which are 59% and 51% respectively.

District Yaojun said that with the competition between Apple's OS and Google Android's two platforms becoming increasingly hot, plus Microsoft's introduction of the mango system into the war situation, it is expected that there will be a wave of reshuffle in the smart phone market in 2012, and low-end products will gradually occupy A place.

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