Yiyang: The new lithium battery project is progressing smoothly

Yesterday, the main plant frame of Shenzhen Hisite Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Yiyang Industrial Zone, was completed and began to enter the roof construction stage. The total investment of the project is about 300 million yuan, covering 200 acres. After it is put into production, it can annually produce 50 million new polymer lithium batteries of various types, with an annual sales income of 150 million yuan and a profit tax of 15 million yuan.

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   Paper Covered Wire includes Nomex Coated Copper WirePaper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire, Paper Covered Flat Copper Wire.

  Application: oil-immersed transformer windings 

   Using 100% oxygen free pole as extrusion raw material, insulation material using high density telephone paper, cable paper, polyester, non-woven fabric.Self-locking wrapping is adopted within 6 layers, the bending performance is 15% higher than the national standard, the temperature index is 105℃ after the phone paper and cable paper are impregnated, this product has excellent voltage resistance performance in oil, widely used in transformer coil, stable performance, short processing cycle.

Paper Covered Wire

As per Conductor Material:Copper , aluminum 
As per Inner Conductor: Paper wrapped bare  

Insulation thickness:Double paper covered (DPC) or Triple Paper Covered (TPC) ,According to Customer`s requirements   

Paper Covered Wire

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