Nakamura Yuji teamed up with Mitsubishi Chemical to lay the high-end market for LED phosphors

Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical Investment Beijing Zhongcun Yuji Technology Co., Ltd. officially held a grand signing ceremony in Xi'an, the ancient capital, on March 2, 2012, and settled in Xi'an Civil Space Base Industrial Park to become the first LED phosphor production line project in Shaanxi and the world's highest end. LED phosphor production base. The total investment of the project is 150 million yuan. After the project is put into production, it will realize an annual output value of 700 million yuan and a tax revenue of 20 million yuan.

Nakamura said that after joining hands with Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan, it will start to improve the luminescence performance, consistency and high color rendering of phosphor products, and will drive the overall level of China's LED market to make China's LED products international. The more competitive market also means that Beijing Nakamura Yuji has entered a new stage of development in the LED phosphor industry.

Mitsubishi Chemical said that this time, Beijing Zhongcun Yuji was selected as a strategic partner to achieve strong alliances through policy guidance and encouragement measures to promote the development of the domestic LED phosphor industry and lighting industry.

It is understood that Beijing Nakamura Yuji is committed to the research and development, production and sales of new high-performance semiconductor lighting illuminating materials. The company has its own core technology and complete intellectual property rights for the new and high-end LED phosphors developed by the company. A number of invention patents have been authorized in the United States and China, and the characteristics of high-efficiency LED nitride phosphor products that have been successfully developed are at an internationally advanced level. This innovative technology has filled the domestic gap.

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