Puri Optoelectronics Introduces Compact High-Cost Cetero Spotlight Module

Recently, Purui Optoelectronics introduced a compact high-throughput density power supply - the CeteroTM Spotlight Module (SLM). It delivers clean, stable white light and is designed to meet the upcoming Zhaga spotlight module specifications. The Cetero Spotlight Module provides 800-2300 lumens of light output depending on color temperature, and is mechanically compatible with the upcoming Zhaga interface specification, ensuring interchangeability and a modular product platform that offers customers more choices in light source design. .

The Cetero module offers four color temperature options of 2700, 3000, 3500 and 4000 - all with a color rendering index of 80 (CRI) and three color tolerances (3SDCM) for color consistency and the ES series that Puri Optoelectronics has already put into production. The module initially provides three lumen categories, producing 800, 1100 and 2000 actual lumens in a common illuminating source region, ensuring compatibility with secondary optics. Cetero is easy to install - just screw and screw the wires, combining the high-quality lighting advantages of the Puri LED array with the easy-to-install standard interface to help speed time-to-market. The Cetero spotlight module will be commercially available in the second half of 2012.

Galaxy S8 3D Viewer is a 3D viewer in phone case shape, you can take it and watch 3D movies on your smartphone with this 3d viewer.


The attached 3D screen on the Snap3D acts like 3D glasses.
To turn your smartphone into a 3D device, you need to first download the [Mplayer3D" application.
Then install the Snap3D on your smartphone screen and run Mplayer3D.
Enjoy the stunning stereoscopic 3D!

About Mplayer3D

An application that transforms your smartphone into a 3D TV.
Can be download for free.
Supports video streaming on YouTube
A video player which DOES NOT support contents.
Provides demo videos only in the download section.
Supported format: MP4
DOES NOT support 2D to 3D conversion.

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Galaxy S8 3D Viewer

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