Shaanxi's First LED Phosphor Production Line Settled in Aerospace Base

Recently, Shaanxi's first LED phosphor production line project settled at Xi’an Aerospace Base. The project is jointly invested by Shaanxi Shenguang New Energy Co., Ltd. established by Northern Shaanxi private capital investment, Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yuji Technology Development Co., Ltd. The scale of the project investment will reach 150 million yuan. After the project is put into production, it will realize an annual output value of 700 million yuan and a tax of 20 million yuan.

According to the data, the patents and technologies of the LED phosphor production line project can create new types of fluorescent powders for semiconductor lighting and display. The core of the patented technology is to develop red, yellow, green, and blue phosphors, which are prepared through experimental research. Blue chips make low color temperature, high color rendering white LEDs. As a new type of phosphor, its excitation and emission wavelength range is very wide, and has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, high chemical stability and thermal stability, no pollution, and environmental protection.

According to relevant person in charge of Xi'an Aerospace Base, LED phosphors are one of the key links in the production of LED lighting and display products. The quality of the LED phosphors directly determines the quality of the final LED products. The settlement of the LED phosphor production line project not only fills the blank of the LED phosphor technology in our province, but also has far-reaching significance for Xi'an Aerospace Base and even Xi'an and our province's LED lighting industry to enter the international market.

Chen Changchun, director of the administrative committee of Xi'an Aerospace Base stated that Xi’an Aerospace Base has established the new energy and new materials industry as one of the three leading industries at the beginning of its establishment. At present, it has attracted CPI, Longji Silicon Materials, Sunny New Energy, More than 10 large-scale and new energy companies including LED industry, including Shenguang Anrui and Xi’an Nanya Technology, have basically completed the production of “sapphire single chip, LED chip, LED package and LED lamp”. The construction of the entire industry chain. As of now, the investment in new energy and new materials industries in the aerospace base has exceeded 10 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2015, the new energy and new materials industry of Xi’an Aerospace Base can achieve an output value of 24 billion yuan.

Auto Tail & Licence Plate Light

Tail light is a red light on the back of a car that makes it possible for the vehicle to be seen in the dark. Licence plate light bright sign on a vehicle that shows its registration number. The rear lights are shown in the front of the car in front of the vehicle and show the location of the two workshops, so they are mounted on both sides of the vehicle. Japan's safety regulations are the same as those of European standard ECE7. The light intensity near the center is 4~12 CD and the light color is red. 1. With sufficient light intensity, the car taillight can clearly distinguish the signal from the driver or pedestrian of other vehicles even in bright sunlight. 2, night driving, tail lights light will not produce glare to other vehicle drivers or pedestrians and uncomfortable feeling As the ideal tail lights should have the following characteristics: (1) high luminous intensity and reasonable distribution of light intensity; (2) fast forward time of luminous rise; (3) long life, no maintenance, low energy consumption; (4) strong switch durability; (5) good impact resistance.

Auto Tail & Licence Plate Light

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