Japan has developed OLED materials with luminous efficiency of 86%

According to Nature Photonics, a specialized magazine in the field of international optoelectronics, the research team led by Professor Anda Qianboya of the “Original Organic Optoelectronics Research Center (OPERA)” of Kyushu University in Japan has developed an OLED material with a luminous efficiency of up to 86%. The energy content of the new material for organic molecules to emit light has increased dramatically from the normal 25% to 86.5%. In addition, an important feature of the new material is that it does not use precious metals. The advent of this new type of OLED material will enable the development of a new generation of low-power TVs and LED lighting equipment to be highly anticipated.

The new material consists of two kinds of molecules. According to the “Exciplex luminescence” phenomenon, energy moves between adjacent molecules and emits light. In the past, in the field of OLEDs, this phenomenon has been considered to reduce the luminous efficiency, and this research subverts this "common sense."


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