MAX9888 Complete Audio Codec

MAX9888 is a complete audio codec. Its high performance and low power consumption are very suitable for portable applications.

Class D speaker amplifiers provide efficient amplification of two speakers. Low-emission design supports filter-less operation. When a Class D amplifier is not used, an internal bypass switch can be selected to connect the sensor directly to an external amplifier.

The DirectDrive® headphone amplifier provides a truly ground-referenced output without the need for large DC blocking capacitors, and the 1.8V headphone operating voltage ensures low power consumption. The device also includes a differential receiver amplifier.

Provides three differential analog microphone inputs and supports two PDM digital microphones. The integrated switch allows the microphone signal to be connected to external devices. Two flexible single-ended or differential line inputs can be connected to FM radio or other signal sources.

The integrated FLEXSOUND â„¢ technology improves the performance of the loudspeaker by optimizing the signal level and frequency response while meeting the maximum distortion and output power limits, preventing damage to the speaker. Automatic gain control (AGC) and noise threshold optimize the signal level of the microphone input, thereby making full use of the dynamic range of the ADC.

The device operates over the -40 ° C to + 85 ° C extended temperature range.

Key features

100dB DR stereo DAC (8kHz <fS <96kHz)

Stereo ADC with 91dB DR (8kHz <fS <96kHz)

Low EMI, stereo Class D amplifier

950mW / channel (8Ω, VSPKVDD_ = 4.2V)

Stereo DirectDrive headphone amplifier

Differential receiver amplifier

Two stereo single-ended / mono differential line inputs

3 differential microphone inputs

FLEXSOUND technology

5 band parameter EQ

Automatic level control (ALC)

Drift limit

Speaker power limitation

Speaker distortion limitation

Microphone automatic gain control and noise threshold

Dual I²S / PCM / TDM digital audio interface

Asynchronous digital mixing

Supports 10MHz to 60MHz main clock frequency

RF suppression analog input and output

Comprehensive click / pop suppression circuit

I²C control interface

Provide 63 solder ball WLP package (3.80mm x 3.30mm, 0.4mm solder ball pitch)

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