Traxon and AGC collaborate to promote global innovative high quality LED glass solutions

[High-tech LED News] Traxon Technologies (Traxon) and glass manufacturer AGC have announced a strategic partnership to launch innovative and high-quality LED glass solutions worldwide.

The latest high-quality LED glass (Glassiled) uses a unique glass lighting concept. Glassiled, which uses hidden illuminators, maintains the highest transparency of the glass and provides optimal illumination for building facades, retail and entertainment. Program.

In addition to space saving, long life and monochrome options, the innovative LED glass (Glassiled) combines the advantages of glass design, such as: rich, bright, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Glassiled gives designers the highest degree of design freedom, whether any pattern or trademark can be converted into LED display mode in glass. Through the cutting-edge technology of implanting LEDs in glass structures, designers can create new lighting effects and unlimited applications. Secondly, with Traxon's advanced control system and equipment, customers can easily enjoy the full-color lighting experience through personal lighting settings memory and remote control functions.

Through this collaboration, Traxon and AGC hope to combine their expertise and experience to develop a unique and perfect solution for lighting design projects in showrooms, building facades, facades and mirrors.



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