Baishi Optoelectronics will bring dozens of new LED products to Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

[High-tech LED News] The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, will kick off on October 27. Baishi Optoelectronics will carry 6 series of flagship products to make a gorgeous appearance, and push dozens of new LED products.

The lion exhibition hall is located at the B10 5E-C24 position of the exhibition . The lion will display ceramic series bulb C37 glossy, P45 glossy, G45 glossy, G60 glossy and die-casting bulb standard lamps.

The rendering of the Baishi exhibition hall, located in the pavilion B10 5E-C24

Bulbs products exhibited at the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

According to Li Kun, director of Baishi Optoelectronics' overseas sales department, the company has continuously increased its research and development efforts and introduced new products to meet market demand. The products have passed CE, FCC, PSE, ROHS, 3C, UL and other certifications. It can be applied in most parts of the world, and the company's latest new A60 series bulbs will become the highlight of the Cypress showroom.

Li Kun introduced that A60LED products are divided into two types: internal heat dissipation and external heat dissipation. The power ranges from 6W to 10W. It not only continues the environmental protection concept of Baishi Lighting, but also the appearance structure and heat dissipation method of the new products are different from other products of Baishi. It will attract more overseas customers' attention.

It is understood that the overseas market positioning of Baishi is mainly divided into European market, American market and Japanese market. In terms of market planning, different personalized products and lighting solutions are proposed for different markets, such as G60 glossy series bulb lamp products. Large supermarkets that focus on the European market are currently in volume supply.

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