Zhongru Electronics invites you to join the development of WELLER high quality welding tools market

Shenzhen Zhongru Electronics Co., Ltd. officially became the general agent of WELLER (Huale) tool in South China in 2011, and built a broader marketing platform for all sales channels nationwide.

In Q4 2011, we convened the distributor partners of the second and third grades in South China to strengthen the coverage of welding tools in WELLER, which will further develop the market radiation potential of the second and third-tier distributors and the construction of WELLER brand, while Shenzhen Ruyi Electronics Co., Ltd. has been open for free to provide market resources (for distributors in each region) to develop with you, whether you have enough knowledge of WELLER, need to provide more marketing resources, or know nothing about WELLER need more high For information on the representative of quality soldering tools, please call us.

In 2011, WELLER has a large inventory, including: WELLER soldering station, WELLER lead-free soldering station, WELLER lead-free soldering iron head, WELLER soldering iron, WELLER smoking instrument, WELLER smoking system, WELLER electric tweezers, WELLER soldering gun, Weller wes61 65w Lead-free soldering station, Weller w101 magnetron DC voltage soldering pen, Weller wes91 90w lead-free soldering station, Weller w201 magnetron DC voltage soldering pen, Weller WESD51 50W digital soldering station, Weller SPI16 single soldering pen, Weller WSM 1C, Weller SPI27 single solder pen, Weller WSD151 150W solderless soldering station, Weller SPI41 single soldering pen, Weller WD1000 leadless soldering station, Weller WSP150 soldering iron head LHTC, Weller 4ETCC soldering iron tip, Weller 4ETB soldering iron tip, Weller 4ET0 soldering iron tip, Weller WSP150 soldering iron head LHTC, cash in stock.

Zhongru Electronics has an advanced e-commerce website () and a professional network promotion team; a comprehensive after-sales service system, the products can make the partners never have to worry about after-sales!

We sincerely invite you to join us!
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