"Ghost Blowing Light's Perfect Ancient City" Wrapped Up, How Can Smart TVs Track Down?

The super-television drama "Ghost Blowing Lights" was played in two weeks and received rave reviews. It scored a score of 8.6 on Douban's netizens. This achievement can be achieved due to many aspects, high-reduced plots and heart-warming. Detailed design, realistic realistic effects, and actors' interpretation of personas are all very important.

Of course, special effects are a hard indicator for a tomb-themed episode. If the special effect is a few cents, then the standard is definitely paralyzed. Because there are a large number of non-human creatures besides the tombs in the ancient tomb, it is often horrible and horrified. The text can be described, but for the image, it must be figurative and representable, and it must be an important business element. Although the special effects inside the Ghost Blowing Lamp did not reach the top level, it is possible to fit the original works. Compared to some of the previous tomb drama effects, it is already very good and expressive.

The so-called good drama is not always out, there is still a very rare. This "Ghost Blowing Lamp" has scored more than eight points on social platforms and has a lot to do with excellent production. The noon sunshine that produced the good dramas such as "Bian List" and "No Peiping in Peiping" had a correct attitude towards the production of TV dramas. It is not impetuous and does not follow the flow, especially in the small details of the details, which shows the intention of production.

From dress attire to monster styling, the production team can be regarded as dedication. Huyi Leifeng hat and dark red scarf, a look is a typical 70-70 style of dress, unlike other robber tomb TV series, There is always a cool black leather jacket, which makes it difficult to tell whether it is a handsome or a tomb. .

Then they will enter the desert, mysterious ancient city veil will soon be opened, in the end there will be something supernatural. Smart TV users can install "Tencent Video TV Edition" through the sofa butler and watch the episode "Ghost Blowing the Light".
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