Windows 10 system iso image release

Microsoft last week pushed the latest Windows 10 Build 15002 system for Insider Express users. The new system includes a host of new features and improvements.

For example, the new low-light mode, optimized for high-resolution screen display, and the new version of the system for the Chinese users also gave additional exclusive update benefits, the system's own Microsoft Pinyin input method has added a new efficiency mode, typing input faster.

Today, Microsoft released an ISO image of the Windows 10 Build 15002 system, which is only available to Insider Express users.

The main reason for this release of the image is to solve a series of unpredictable problems caused by online upgrades. Microsoft said that using ISO pure installation can get the best new system experience.

Windows 10 system iso image release

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Focused ultrasound does not heat the skin surface, nor does it need to pass through the skin as a medium for the transmission of laser energy, so it does not affect the tissue on the skin surface and the tissue through which the laser passes, of course, there will be no excessive heat residue on the skin surface. In this way, the epidermis will not be affected by heat, which can reduce the Eastern people's thermal reaction easily, and greatly reduce the chance of scald. Focused ultrasoundtherapy produces thermal coagulation points in the SMAS layer, and the thermal effect diffuses outward from the coagulation points, so the heat source is concentrated in the SMAS layer to be treated. It can produce more collagen denaturation.

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