Shine the whole street of shiny car paint! Wuling's light can also fade Ferrari

[Abstract] As long as you paint it and turn it on, you can make your car sparkle and brighten up the entire street.

Before Gigao Jun recommended a lot of wonderful things for everyone.

One more than one high energy

Looked refreshed and able to bowel movement

Like a spray of hard U.S. Oil Line-X

The egg is squirted and it's not broken

Watermelon squirrels are not bad!

Which sprayed waterproof Supbro

Shoes spurted farewell shoes ~

Today's Gigantic Fruit brings even more embarrassment!

Which painted bright paint


Just apply it and turn it on

Can make your car sparkle

Shining the whole street ~

(You can see that this is a car?)

More than a car, you can light up

As long as there is electricity, the motorcycle can pull the wind

If you feel that the painted car is too blatant

It's good to have a glowing logo

Small and beautiful, delicate and low-key ~

There are also glowing guitars

If you paint the house again

Then you can live in science fiction movies every day

Even the lights are saved

So magical spray paint

Is it shiny?

LumiLor is an electroluminescent coating system

Electroluminescence, also known as electroluminescence, is the creation of an electric field by the voltage applied to the two electrodes. The electrons excited by the electric field collide with the center of the luminescence, and a physical phenomenon that causes the transition, change, and recombination of electrons in the energy level causes light emission.

Electroluminescence is a characteristic of certain special materials, such as zinc and blue diamonds doped with copper and silver, which emit light under the influence of electromagnetic fields.

Based on electroluminescent coating technology

With simple electronic components

Apply to the surface, make current

You can control the surface of the object to shine

Lumilor Spray is as easy as ordinary finish

Mounted in an ordinary HVLP low-pressure spray gun

Can spray directly on the surface

Then spray a layer of paint

So it's safe to go on the power

Do not worry about being touched by hand to touch ~

Broken electricity is exactly the same as ordinary cars

Can't see it completely

So don’t worry about being caught by traffic police.

Lumilor also collaborated with Lexus on a small video

Let an old driver carry a beauty car

I also tied a heart rate meter to detect the heart rate

Heart rate exceeds 100

The body begins to pulsate

The girl does not seem to change color, in fact, my heart jump!

I haven’t had a heartbeat on my 180!

The flash of the body is called a fast ~

The old drivers are so bad

Lumilor is currently not in China yet

Like friends look forward to it ...

Did you feel that the shiny paint is amazing?

In fact, there are even more 牛逼

Change color car paint!

(Is it super cool?!)

Apply a layer of special polymeric material before the car is painted

Which includes magnetic iron oxides

Change the color by changing the distance of the oxide crystal by current

Only a small amount of current is needed to change color

simply put

It is to change the paint color through the tiny current

It looks cool and you want to change?

Pole Guo Jun advised you to give up ~

For criminals

Cars that are free to change colors are the best escape tool

This kind of color-changing car will be the focus of the traffic police department!

Let’s just take a look.

[This article comes from the Tencent News client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent News. 】

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