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When I opened the courier package, I smoked two royal capitals, and I entered the throat with some enthusiasm. Like the man in the north, I was rough and reckless. I savored it with subtle mellow taste, but it was in my heart. . She just returned to Auntie Zhang and took care of Zhang Aunt’s welfare, warm heart Christmas gifts, thanks to Aunt’s trust, and thanks to SKY and Titanium for providing the opportunity for this assessment, as well as to report the most authentic test reports. There is no yellow robe for the aunt to pick up, and there is no Lord Aru. Presumably this is a micro service patrol, and he dared not delay. Hurriedly took another sip and hummed and wrote this review.

-------------------table of Contents---------------

Appearance and details

Interpretation of parameters

Detailed disassemble

Interactive experience

Functional experience

to sum up

————————————————— Appearance and details——————————————

The product content of this review is a large-screen game console (having to say the name is simple and crude) and supporting dual-mode handles:

1) Packaging

â–² Take classic red-black color matching and unique jigsaw symbols representing the product model

â–² Titanium concept - "born for gaming"

â–²There is a tamper-evident sticker at the opening to avoid secondhand goods to some extent

The outer box adopts a pull-out design to facilitate the user's opening. Take red and black color, good visual impact, the front of the box is the product appearance, the back is the product specification parameters, the bottom is supporting the APP to download the two-dimensional code, nameplate stickers (including S/N code, consistent with the host at the bottom S/N code) .

2) Ontology

â–² Host contents display diagram: host*1, power adapter*1,150 cm HDIM cable*1, thank you note*1, manual*1

â–² Host size parameters: 11cm*11cm*11cm

â–² Interface: network port*1, HDIM*1, USB2.0*1, power interface*1

â–² There are reminder stickers on the top of the main unit that can be removed

â–² Product nameplate on the bottom of the main unit

â–² Science and technology breathing lamp

â–² Connection is not available on the network, the breathing light is flashing red

The first impression that this goods gave me was like the cube in the movie "The X-dimensional Elemental Killing Array." I named him the titanium cube.

The titanium cube is light and compact and does not take up too much space;

The design has a sense of science and technology, the breathing light is blue when the device is normal, and the network problem is red, easy to identify;

Built-in wifi receiver, both wired and wireless connection, more convenient;

3) handle

â–² xbox360, Actuation, Titanium Size Comparison, Titanium Degree and Actuation are similar

â–² handle *1, data line *1, GP (Super Speed) battery 5 *2, manual *1

â–² Adopt xbox handle layout, shell skin material, feel better, but the keys are more jerky

â–² Rubber with non-slip lines does not easily slip

â–² There is a protective sponge at the rocker, the effect is better than nothing, but it won my heart

â–² The trigger key is wider than the handle of the xbox360 and the rebound force is fast

â–² Wireless receiver hidden in this

The overall use of the skin material handle, feel good, but not dirty, easy to leave perspiration; ABXY key is more jerky, press the Duncard, rebound is not cool; the cross button slightly Dun card; rocker feel good; trigger The key teaching is wide, the rebound is fast, and the force feedback is good; the data line uses a braided wire to facilitate bending.


Titanium degree provides the parameter:

The system displays the parameters:

â–² Quad-core CPU, 2G memory, 10G storage

â–²Hardware running points

â–² Kernel 3.10, software version is Titanium custom Android 4.4.2 The customized version of the firmware package was not found on the Internet, and did not dare to brush other manufacturers' systems, afraid that the brush will not come back.

â–² CPU related parameters

The positioning of Mail-T764 is GPU (graphics processor) instead of CPU (central processing unit); I searched ARM T764 for a moment and pointed to Rockchip RK3288 chip (A17 architecture, 1.8GHz frequency, T764), currently guessing possible Belong to this CPU, the following will explain in the teardown section.

Parameters from Baidu Encyclopedia

â–² I can search for my home 5G network, but I am still connected and I cannot proceed with the next test.

As far as the parameters are concerned, the parameters given by the titanium degree are basically true, and ROM may occupy part of the system space (16G and 10.28G); secondly, the GPU parameters are misprinted into CPU parameters.


1) The host disassembles

â–² There are screws under the bottom floor mat, and one of them has a tamper-evident sticker. In order to give everyone a better look (Pin) inside (Jin) Department (Bi)

â–² It is also a pull-type design, remember to pull a line buckle first pull

â–² vulgar personal taste

Skip teardown steps...

â–² Heat sink + heat sink

Titanium cubic content: 0.5cm black screws * 4 pieces, 0.7cm black screws * 6 pieces, silver 0.4cm small screws * 4 pieces, silver screws * 18 pieces, heat sink * 2, USB module * 1, PCB board * 2 , Bottom pad*4, shell*5. If there is less disassembly, please pay close attention to it.

Motherboard close-up:

â–²The front of the main board (the heat sink on the main board was removed by me)

â–² motherboard backplane (gold and black color praise, high-end atmosphere on the grade)

â–² motherboard interface surface

â–² USB2.0 (in consideration of the ability to change a USB3.0 module)

â–²CPU close-up (Rackchip RK3288-CG)

Detailed parameters

After the CPU was disassembled, it was confirmed that it was Rockchip RK3288. The specific parameters were as follows:

Process: Low leakage, high performance 28nm HKMG process

CPU: Quad-Core Cortex-A17, up to 1.8GHz

GPU: ARM Mali-T764 GPU, supports TE, ASTC, AFBC memory compression technology

Image processing: support OPENGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OPEN VG1.1, OPENCL, Directx11, embedded high-performance 2D/3D acceleration hardware support 4K, H.265 hard decoding 10bits color depth, HDMI2.0, supports 1080P Format video decoding 1080P video encoding, support H.264, VP8 and MVC image enhancement processing, Geomerics Enlighten's global real-time light engine, hardware upgrade display effect under low power, display up to 3840X2160 resolution display, and HDMI2.0 output security , Hardware Security System, Supports HDCP 2.X

Memory: Dual-channel DRAM controller, 64 bits storage interface, support DDR3L, LPDDR2, LPDDR3

Interface: Built-in 13M ISP and MIPI-CSI interface, rich peripheral interface support

Compare the chic chips (refer to the network diagram for details):

The internal use of a high-performance 128-bit processor, allegedly different from the current mainstream 64-bit processors, is more efficient in data processing; therefore, ultra-low latency data processing can be realized.

2. It can process multi-channel multimedia data in parallel, including audio, video and interactive data.

Advanced image processing and transmission technologies are used; these should be important technologies for ultra-high-speed wireless multi-screen transmission.

Specific algorithm optimization was performed for VR technology. Integrate more new technologies into the future imagination space.

However, more details about the chip could not be obtained, allegedly involving a confidentiality agreement signed with Tencent.

Infront INFOTM and Tencent Custom Edition chips, the chip is also used in Lenovo Music ministation micro-game console.

Digression: Back to loading time, Bahrain found that more than 6 screws, hairpin, plug in the power can also use, no matter! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

1) mobile phone remote control

First download the miniStation app and connect to the titanium cube wifi:

Screen-casting function: In the popular sense, it is a remote desktop, relying on a certain speed, and when I open a Thunderbolt, the screencasting is not successful;

setting menu:

Quick operation: The mobile phone can shake off the game and return to the system desktop; the first time there will be operation tutorial;

2) Handle control

Plug in the wireless receiver, the default is the box mode, that is, wireless indicator and Android indicator light;

â–²Video demonstration

3) Mouse control

How to simulate mouse operation:

4) True. Mouse operation

Is to take a computer mouse, you ask what I use, I feel no use, that is fun.

Specific operation methods:

Call out this menu, select USB-USB device input - plug in the mouse - you can use it normally

Note: The handle cannot be used in this state. Turning off this option again requires cooperation with the mobile phone APP.

—————————————————Functional Experience——————————————

1) Software Installation

â–² own game market, clear classification, easy to download

â–² non-native application installation will have this tip, or very close

â–²Not to mention the ROOT system

The third-party extension support is better, and the test app includes perfect support for the Pang market, application treasure, and Goku remote control. The minor problem is that after installing the Beckham market, the download of the game with its own operating system will prompt the download to fail.

2) Game experience

In the case of a good network, the experience of mobile phones projecting a monitor screen is very good. The game itself starts from the operation of the mobile phone and does not say so much. Only for the handle, several games have been evaluated. They are: Cool running, wild driving car 8, collapsed 3, all gunfights, ragtag, swordsman world, every day Hyun fighting, dungeon hunter, King of Fighters 97, the fate of the sword endless. Third-party games: Collapsing College 2, painting bad people 2.

Matching game frame test software: FPS Meter (requires root system)

System provided games:

1. Battle of the gods

â–² The upper right corner is the number of frames, the first 63 frames, very smooth

Name: Tencent’s Total War Fighter

Performance Index: ★★★★★ No Day Card, No Tearing, Good Picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★★★ The game scene has high adaptability. Some game content on the main interface needs to be operated with the handle mouse.

2. Everyday cool run

â–² Everyday cool running system default mapping keys

Name: Tencent's National Cool Run

Performance Index: ★★★★★ No Day Card, No Tearing, Good Picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★★★ The game scene has high adaptability. Some game content on the main interface needs to be operated with the handle mouse.

3. wild car 8

â–² system default mapping keys

Name: Gameloft's Wild Rider 8

Performance Index: ★★★★★ No Day Card, No Tearing, Good Picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★★★★★ The game scene has high adaptability and can be operated by the handle

Part of the problem: RT and RB are throttled during operation, but in actual operation, RT is the brake. Do not know if other test friends have this problem

The following is an excerpt of my three video experiences:

1. Old Joe, graphic designer, 28 years old

The use of feelings: very cool, full of sense of design technology, simple operation, get started quickly.

2. Old Liu, Thirsty painter, 27 years old

Use experience: The screen is smooth, the handle operation is full, and the experience is good.

3. Lao Wei, old driver, 28 years old

Use feelings: too fun, the screen is large, play really cool.

4. Collapse 3

At the time of the evaluation, the game could not enter the game through WeChat and QQ.

â–² sweep or still need to log in

5. All-gun battle

Prompt version is out of date, and this version does not provide updates

6. The crowd

Performance Index: ★★★★★ No Day Card, No Tearing, Good Picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★ Only mouse handles can be simulated through the handle, and the handle cannot be operated directly, similar to the game of Heroes

7. The swordsman world

â–² key map

Performance index: ★★★★ Some scenes are slightly stuck, no tearing, good picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★★★ The game scene has high adaptability, and some game contents need to be operated with the handle mouse

8. Every day

Tencent's National Hyun Fight

Performance Index: ★★★★★ No Day Card, No Tearing, Good Picture

Handle adaptability operation: ★★★ The game scene has high adaptability. Some game content needs to be operated with the handle mouse

Third-party games:

The third-party game has no key mapping configuration in the machine, and the key positions are relatively disordered. The left stick of College 2 is normal, but the shooting and cutting gun cannot be directly operated by the handle. Draw bad people in rivers and lakes 2, do not say

Digression: According to the mapping keys provided on the Internet: root system - installation handle software game keyboard - replace the input method for the game keyboard (titanium cube default input method for the gamebox, may be customized Tencent) - input device options, select the usb controller Mode - Mode selection, Edit mode and analog touch screen - Set up the hot key for exhalation - Exhale the game keyboard in the game - Add virtual buttons as required - Key mapping - Completed I performed the actual operation after this step, the result is that the system keys are completely Deranged, the handle keys are in disorder, there are problems with the mobile phone APP operation, and finally there is no way to restore the default factory settings, and then return to normal.


Relying on high-performance hardware, the game screen is not a bottleneck that affects the experience. However, the experience of the game console is not perfect. The game of GAMELOFT is more friendly to the handle; the support of the game by the Tencent game controller is generally, and some details need to be Promotion; some of the game support provided by the machine can be used; third-party games are basically unusable.

3) Movie Experience

Test Movie: Beauty and Roast Duck 4K (20mbp, 40mbp, 60mbp)

â–² Three 4K movies played smoothly, no tearing pictures, and soundtracks, which exceeded my expectations. Guess may be optimized for 4K decoding by the GPU used by this machine.

-----------------to sum up--------------

Through a simple test of the miniStation, first make a small summary:


1. Titanium micro game machine design has a sense of science and technology, with large-size LCD appliances are not unexpected;

2. The mobile phone and the monitor are operated in real time with the screen, which is convenient and quick;

3. Integrate Tencent mobile game platform, QQ and micro signal can be logged in, eliminating the tedious registration;

4 scalability, you can install third-party applications;

5. Customize the handle map of some games, connect the handle to play, convenient and quick;

6 game console configuration is relatively strong to ensure the stability and fluency of the game;


Host part:

There are few USB ports. Please add at least 2 USB ports. At least one USB 3.0 port is recommended for viewing large-capacity movies.

Storage space 16G, space is small, please increase the storage space;

The power adapter is inconsistent with the main unit and can be made more elaborate. If the built-in rechargeable battery can be built in, it will be even better.

Breathing lights suggest adding color RGB function, giving the player free imagination space;

Handle part:

Please adapt the vibration function in the titanium micro-game mode to increase the experience experience, and the vibration intensity in the windows game is weak;

The function of the proposed handle key mapping can be customized according to the player's usage habits;

APP section:

The function is less, please refer to the mainstream functions of smart TV APP software in the market;


It is recommended to fit more accessories, at least have a remote control;

Please update the APP software and game platform. Please update the new version to download the game.

It is suggested to integrate Bluetooth speaker function, which will be more scientific and practical.

It is recommended to build a platform for integrated games, sweeping into the platform at one time, eliminating the tedium of not having to enter a game later on;


Shanghai Titanium Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded on November 5, 2014, headquartered in Shanghai, Shenzhen has branch offices. It is an internet manufacturing company founded by e-sports world champion Li Xiaofeng who focuses on user experience and smart game electronic consumer product R&D. For the sake of gaming, this is the cultural concept of Titanium Technology.

It is an emotion to be born for gaming. Since China’s e-sports industry came to an abrupt end, and after the ban on e-games, it was suddenly in full swing and hot. Many people have experienced a happy-pain-happy process. It is not just a feeling to be born for gaming. What is e-sports equipment? Instead of simply adding a breathing light, add RGB, or design cool shapes. But from the user's point of view, the word "easy to use, practical, durable, easy to use."

Compared to similar devices on the market, titanium miniStation has a higher price and a larger bonus. But the market can survive without selling emotions, and feelings of consumption will wear out. However, there are also defects in the functions of similar devices in the market, which is a bottleneck for the development of set-top boxes and is understandable. In addition, I have personal feelings for SKY and I also believe in the concept of titanium degrees.

Rome was not built in one day. It actively responded to the user's experience feedback, collected user opinions and suggestions, and began to grow from the user's interactive experience, product customization and system BUG repair, and continued to grow, eventually becoming a mature brand. I hope that Titanium and SKY will continue to grow on the road, not forgetting the initial heart, feeling more need attitude.

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