ADAYO Huayang Solar LED fully automated production line officially opened

With the continuous innovation of LED technology, the industry has been reshuffled, and the development of enterprises can be described as ever-changing. The once-profit-making cottage workshop has now experienced a crisis of survival, and the future development direction of the LED industry has gradually become clear--"standardization, high efficiency, high quality and low price" will inevitably become the core direction of enterprise competition.

As one of the leading companies in the domestic optoelectronic industry, Huizhou Huayang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is the first in China to launch a self-developed and fully automated lighting production line, aiming at reducing costs, improving production efficiency, improving product quality, and prioritizing the market.

As we all know, Huayang takes quality and technology as its core competitiveness. The full promotion of the fully automated production line has both the reasons for its accumulated technology and the determination of its own manufacturing upgrade and transformation. From the current situation of China Sunshine Power, the production efficiency has increased by about 600% compared with the previous one, and the direct labor has decreased by 75% compared with before, and there has been a significant improvement in quality consistency, product technology and customer satisfaction.

It is understood that before the fully automated production line is activated, a production line of 16 people can produce about 3,000 pieces per day. When it is activated, a production line requires only 4 people to work, and can produce more than 21,000 pieces per day, up to 24,000 pieces.

According to the general manager of the project, the planning of the fully automated production line of Huayang Solar began in 2013 and was officially established in February 2014. It was officially put into use in August this year. When setting the project objectives, Huaguangdian's designers clearly determined the production results and process quality achieved by the entire line as the assessment target, rather than pursuing the single-station equipment capacity or equipment recycling cycle.

After that, Huaguang Solar's designers gathered all the forces to solve the problem by extracting the difficulties of the process, and finally successfully completed the design task of the fully automated production line issued by the company. The chief engineer of the project also added that the Huayang LED automation production line is customized by modular design, which greatly saves costs on the one hand and facilitates the modification of the process as the demand changes. It can flexibly carry out reorganization between various processes and increase or decrease of work stations. It is applicable to many models and has wide versatility, and can be compatible with many models.

The investment cost is small, but the technical process is quite complete. Huaguang Solar's self-constructed cost-effective fully automated production line combines industry-leading 3D coating, four-axis soldering, non-standard design and industrial camera inspection to achieve automatic feeding and automatic thread trimming of lamps and components. Automatic installation of lamp holders, automatic installation of rivets, automatic flipping, automatic detection of angles and adjustments, automatic light source, automatic soldering, automatic testing and elimination of bad processes, completely replaced by manual "robot".

Moreover, all the software and control boards of the line are designed independently of each other, and strive to maximize the matching with the characteristics of the product while minimizing the cost. This is the biggest highlight and core technology of the line. Therefore, it has established the unique technological advantages and technical barriers of Huayang Solar's manufacturing.

With the continuous improvement of human resources costs, the demand for automated production lines is also rapidly increasing. Huayang Solar's self-operated ADAYO brand lamps are sold well both at home and abroad, and at the same time, they serve many LED lighting brands in the world in a foundry mode. Take advantage of automation solutions to create cost-effective LED lighting products. (This article is the Huaguang Electric Power Contribution)


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