Pass CEO Roberto Castro will go to class

Pass CEO Roberto Castro will go to class

On December 23, Beijing time, analyst Robert Peck of the financial services company Sun Trust stated that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will leave the company within a year. Affected by the first news, Twitter's stock price soared 4% on Monday afternoon.

Peck said: "I think the possibility is very big, that is, Costello himself has not appeared on the Twitter company in the past year." Peck also said that many institutional investors are currently most concerned about Twitter issues, but also Is Costro still a Twitter company?

The first news affected Twitter's share price to rise abnormally on Monday afternoon, with an increase of up to 4%. The latest stock price of Twitter was 38.66 US dollars, still falling 44% compared with the high of 69 US dollars in January this year. Compared with the highest point in history last year, the stock price has already been halved.

Recent news shows that a trust fund of the Costello family sold all of Twitter's stock and showed no confidence in Twitter. However, the CEO himself still holds a few stocks.

In addition to Costello himself, two other co-founders of Twitter, Dorsey and Williams, also recently sold a large number of shares. Selling stocks at half price, these founders are worried that they will face greater loss of wealth.

A major shareholder of Twitter gave a negative opinion of Costello’s family’s selling of shares, saying that Costello had lost the respect of Twitter employees and also lost respect from the capital market. Those who work at Twitter know the potential of the company. They knew that Costello had become the biggest obstacle to development potential. "He should not be in charge of Twitter."

This statement shows that the patience of investors for Costello CEO tenure is running out. At the same time, analyst Peck is also looking for a new CEO for Twitter. For example, Levinson, who once served as interim CEO of Yahoo, has his own experience in the media industry and can become a good Twitter CEO (Twitter is currently expanding. Media business and influence).

Peck’s proposed candidates include former Google’s senior vice president Omid Kordestani and Google’s display advertising chief Neal Mohan.

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