Put aside prejudice and restore the real smart bracelet

Among the three wearable devices, such as smart glasses, smart watches and smart bracelets, smart bracelets have the highest visibility and the most mature solutions. Well-known hardware manufacturers and Internet companies at home and abroad have also launched smart bracelet products. However, the smart bracelet does not have a high degree of recognition in the user's mind. The reason is that the endurance is not strong, the homogenization is serious, the appearance is ugly, and so on. Why are these problems that have long plagued developers and users without effective solutions? Now, let's put aside all the prejudice and break the analysis of the smart bracelet to restore the most realistic wearable device.

Millet bracelet VS bong II

Among the smart bracelets under $100, the most concerned are the Xiaomi bracelet and the bong II.

The main chip of the millet bracelet adopts Taiwan's Winbond Electronics W25Q80BV, the sensor uses ADI's three-axis MEMS accelerometer ADXL362, and the Bluetooth chip uses Dialog's DA14580 Bluetooth SoC. Xiaomi bracelet is more like the extension of Xiaomi mobile phone, supporting MIUI of Android4.4 and above, including Xiaomi mobile phone 4, Xiaomi mobile phone 3, red rice note4G version, with basic step counting, sleep monitoring, calorie calculation, and Help users complete daily exercise by setting goals. Xiaomi bracelet does not have outstanding performance in terms of function. From the user's experience, its function and price are relatively balanced, and it is worthy of the price of 79 yuan. Although the Xiaomi bracelet is not too open on the supported system, Today, Xiaomi Bracelet App iOS version has been put on the shelves, supporting smart devices above iOS. In general, the millet bracelet is a good choice for entry-level wearables.

The price of bong II is 99 yuan. Because it is similar to the price of Xiaomi bracelet, it is called "dead head" by the netizen, and its internal structure is better than that of Xiaomi bracelet. The main chip of bong II is Nordic nRF51822 Bluetooth SoC. The nRF51822 has built-in 32-bit ARM cortex-M0 processor. There is no independent central processing module. The sensor uses the common ST LIS3DH triaxial MEMS accelerometer. From the official website of bong II, in addition to the basic functions of the bracelet, bong can automatically identify nine sports modes such as quiet, walking, walking, and compound sports. However, it is worth noting that the internal scheme of the bong II bracelet is similar to that of the bong I. It is a combination of nRF51822+ LIS3DH. The experienced users also indicated that the sensitivity of the automatic identification of bong II is not high, so the nine types on the official website are called. Automatic pattern recognition is open to question.

Put aside prejudice and restore the real smart bracelet

å’•å’šBracelet 2 VS Huawei AF500

å’•å’šBracelet 2 main chip adopts ST's STM32L151CBU6, 32-bit low-power MCU based on ARM Cortex-M3 core, LED display controller is ST 8-bit MCU STM8L101K3, sensor is ST LIS3DH three-axis accelerometer, Bluetooth IC The Nordic NRF8001 is used.å’•å’šBracelet 2 uses LED dot matrix display. It is worth mentioning that å’•å’š first proposed the concept of bracelet ROM, that is to say, the user can upgrade the bracelet by brushing the ROM to the bracelet in the future. However, the price positioning of the 499 is still somewhat expensive for the user.

The Huawei AF500 main chip uses the Nordic Bluetooth SoC nRF51822, the LED display controller uses the ST 8-bit MCU STM8L151K6, and the sensor also uses the ST LIS3DH. In addition to several "basic functions", Huawei AF500 supports call reminder, mobile phone retrieval and remote camera function. Needless to say, the mobile phone retrieval function specifically means that when the mobile phone exceeds the Bluetooth connection distance, the wristband will vibrate and display “LOST”, which can prevent the user from throwing the mobile phone somewhere, and the remote control camera function is relatively different from other wristbands. It is quite unique. Enter the “Huawei Sports Health” app, click “Remote Camera” to enter the viewfinder interface, and then click the round touch button on the bracelet to complete the photo.

Put aside prejudice and restore the real smart bracelet

Fitbit Flex VS JAWBONE UP 24

The Fitbit Flex launched in May 2013 has become a synonym for health tracking. It is also synonymous with health tracking. The PC Bluetooth port is matched with the wristband. The Bluetooth terminal of the PC is inserted into the USB interface of the PC. After the bracelet is recognized within the valid range, The data can be automatically transferred to the PC. However, for now, the pricing of the Fitbit Flex 898 does not match the features it provides. The main chip of Fitbit Flex is ST's 32-bit MCU STM32L151C6, the Bluetooth solution adopts Nordic NRF8001, and the sensor is a three-axis accelerometer. Which chip does not find the relevant information, the PC Bluetooth terminal uses TI cc2540 Bluetooth low power consumption. SoC. In addition, Fitbit Flex supports NFC recognition, but NFC is only used to trigger APP, and can not synchronize data. Moreover, the popularity of NFC in domestic smart phones is limited, which limits the space for this function.

Also known as the "old" smart bracelet, JAWBONE UP 24 main chip uses TI classic low-power series MSP430, the sensor uses Bosch BMA222EF three-axis accelerometer, the wireless chip is the same as most manufacturers, using Nordic NRF8001. JAWBONE once praised the outside world for in-depth data analysis, which can analyze the user's sleep time, wake-up time, depth and shallow sleep, but now it seems that these features have become the standard for smart bracelets, JAWBONE is losing it The core competitiveness, there are also voices that JAWBONE innovation is no longer. Although the JAWBONE UP24 bracelet is priced above 1000, its limited functionality cannot match the high price.

Put aside prejudice and restore the real smart bracelet

Samsung Gear Fit R350 VS Microsoft Band

Samsung Gear Fit R350 is more like a smart watch, ST's 32-bit MCU STM32L151C6 for master control, wireless chip for Broadcom BCM4334KUBG, support for 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0+HS, FM, there are two kinds of sensors, respectively BCM4334KUBG and do not know Manufacturer's heart rate sensor. Samsung combined its own advantages on mobile phones, the curved 1.84-inch Super AMOLED screen on the Gear Fit R350, resolution of 432 X 128, as a bracelet product is already quite a local configuration. Supporting a variety of wireless technologies, Ying Mi Sheng MPU-6500 six-axis MEMS and heart rate sensor, coupled with stylish appearance and exquisite workmanship, Samsung is still worthy of the price of 1098, but the shortcomings of Gear Fit are also obvious, that is only 48 hours of battery life.

Microsoft Band is also a smart bracelet that looks like a smart watch. Its main control chip is Freescale KineTIs K24, ARM Cortex-M4 based 32-bit MCU, wireless module is Atheros AR3002-BL3D Bluetooth chip. The screen is 1.4 inches, 320 X 106 resolution, the most amazing thing is that Microsoft Band has built-in 10 sensors such as temperature, GPS, gyroscope, acceleration, heart rate! At the same time, users can download Microsoft's cloud medical service Microsoft Health's APP on the band, and send their physiological parameters to the cloud for analysis through Microsoft Band. Understand it, behind the Microsoft Band, is the cloud medical care that Microsoft really wants to push - Microsoft Health!

Put aside prejudice and restore the real smart bracelet

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