The same side of the photoelectric lights are reopened flagship store owners to push high-performance high-power COB

Today, the word “try or layout” is not enough to describe the determination of “outsiders”. More and more large and medium-sized upstream enterprises have “rooted and deep-rooted” Zhongshan Lighting Cluster Base.

Yang Fan, general manager of the same party
On April 6th, Shenzhen Tongfang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. opened in Xinmen City, Dengdu Ancient Town, and is located in the global LED lighting accessories city backed by Ruifeng Accessories City. According to general manager Yang Fan, the store and the old store in Ruifeng Accessories City are operating in a misplaced position, mainly engaged in high-power COB. At present, there are nearly 30 people serving the Zhongshan base. Currently, the business has accounted for 30% of the total domestic business volume. This year's regional sales target is doubled.
In order to meet the market demand, the same party continues to increase the research and development, experiment and productivity of COB light source and integrated module light source. At present, the company has successfully developed a highly competitive COB light source with high-intensity and high-efficiency 3-70W series, and quickly seized the domestic COB light source market. In addition, the same side of the mirror aluminum COB series, ceramic COB series and copper substrate COB series have also occupied a large share in the market, Yang Fan said, "The performance and parameters of these three series of products have reached the international first-line brand level. ”
It is understood that Shenzhen Tongfang Optoelectronics was established in 2006, which is also the golden age for LED to become the darling of the industry. However, domestic technology has not reached the international level, especially the upstream packaging core technology, which is monopolized by foreign industry giants. The development of LEDs has encountered fundamental obstacles. Since COB has become an indispensable core of LED development, China's development needs to be based on its own creation, rather than being controlled by foreign countries. The same party photoelectric station stands in a long-term height and must bring the core of domestic LED development. The device, how to produce and apply the COB core technology to become the way out of the same side of thinking. At present, COB series products have accounted for 50% of the company's total receivables, and this year plans to expand to 70%.
At the same time, this year the company will participate in more than 15 well-known exhibitions at home and abroad to further expand its global influence.

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