Depth analysis of the relationship between LED production process and lamp bead parameters

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is an abbreviation of LED, which is made of semiconductor material. It has a positive electrode and a negative electrode. It emits light when it is applied with DC at its positive and negative poles. From 1907 to 1993. LED has experienced 86 years of history. The application of LED technology is roughly divided into visual and non-visual. The application of visual type includes LED lighting technology, non-visual type of plant photosynthesis and medical care.

LED development history

LED process:

The whole production process of LED lamp bead is divided into epitaxial wafer production, chip production and lamp bead packaging. The whole process reflects the manufacturing level of modern electronic industry. LED manufacturing is a combination of various technologies and is a high-tech product. Knowledge of LEDs for lighting purposes also requires an understanding of how LED lamp beads are produced.

1. LED epitaxial wafer production process:

LED epitaxial wafer growth technology mainly uses the organic metal chemical phase deposition method (MOCVD) to produce synthetic materials with semiconductor characteristics, which is the raw material for manufacturing LED chips . The following figure shows the production process of epitaxial wafers using sapphire substrates:

2, LED chip production process:

The LED chip is made of epitaxial wafers and is a device that provides LED lamp bead packaging. It is the key to the quality of LED lamp beads. The following figure shows the LED chip production process:

3, LED lamp bead production process:

The LED lamp bead package is based on the application requirements of the LED lamp bead. The chip is packaged on the corresponding bracket to complete the LED lamp bead manufacturing process. The LED package determines the LED lamp bead cost performance, which is the key quality of the LED lamp product. The following figure is the LED Packaging process:

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