Jiangxi will focus on promoting four action plans, including LED industrialization, this year.

On March 24, I was informed by the Jiangxi Provincial Industrial and Information Committee that in order to implement the strategy of Jiangxi's strong industrial province and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, the Jiangxi Provincial Industrial and Technical Committee will focus on “double six and ten” in 2015, namely: running six major activities. We will improve six systems, issue 10 documents, and promote 10 key tasks.

Organize six major activities, namely: to run the on-site promotion meeting of the province's industrial clusters; China Chemical New Materials Investment and Financing Conference; strategic emerging industry (Shenzhen) investment promotion conference; regional cooperation and exchange meeting between Jiangxi Province and western provinces; Jiangxi strategic emerging industry and domestic and foreign industrial fund docking promotion meeting and the province's two-in-depth integration promotion meeting.

Improve the six systems, namely: establish and improve the industrial economy operation progress evaluation and supervision system; 100 million yuan and more than 1 billion yuan major project quarterly scheduling system; the province's 100-strong enterprise strong quarterly scheduling system; industrial cluster statistical scheduling system; development zone, The industrial park has a two-time evaluation of the dispatching system and the Jiangxi Province rare earth management measures.

Ten documents were issued, namely: formulating and accelerating the construction of the supporting system of industrial clusters in the province, creating overall advantages; promoting the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry; promoting the transformation and upgrading of the fireworks and firecrackers industry; promoting the intensive land use of industrial parks Smart city construction; 6 opinions on smart park construction; development of LED industrialization of silicon substrate; development of food industry; promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection new products and new materials industry development and "Internet +" four action plans.

Advance ten key tasks, namely: promote a batch of two major projects in 8 major fields; promote the construction of industrial cluster support system; set up operational industrial investment funds; dock Beihang cooperation projects; promote the industrialization of silicon substrate LED; continue to track and dock SK The Group cooperates with high-end lubricant base oil project; builds Jiujiang Petrochemical Industrial Park; promotes integrated development of Jinshan gold ore field; promotes the formation of rare earth group in South China; promotes private enterprises to establish modern enterprise system and promotes school-enterprise cooperation to promote informationization of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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