Simple and rude: Millet TV 2S picture quality wins over Japanese and South Korean brands

On August 24th, Xiaomi held a millet TV 2S tasting session in Hangzhou, and conducted on-site comparisons of Xiaomi TV 2s, Sharp, Samsung, and Sony's quality sound quality technology. Millet TV 2s can beat other three brands? Let's simply go straight to the topic.

First of all quality comparison:

Blue: You can see four TVs, millet TV 2S picture quality is most transparent, Sharp slightly white, Sony picture quality is green, Samsung is relatively white.

Green: Sharp's face is partially red, and the background is greenish. Millet TV 2S color reproduction is closer to reality, the most comfortable. Sony is green overall. Samsung is still white.

The picture above shows the comparison results in the case of Xiaomi at the conference.

Backlit real shot contrast: At a glance, the black background of the millet TV 2S is the most pure, and the other three models have different levels of light leakage.
Whether it is a still picture or a fast-playing video, the millet TV 2S has a super-saturation, high-quality picture, and strong color expression. With 12 words to describe is: red tender, blue clear, pure green.

Sharpness: Xiaomi 2S uses pixel lattices to see the same content on four TVs. The most visible text. The comparison found that the other three TVs were not as perfect as everyone thought. Millet TV is also the only TV that uses the fourth-generation ultra-clear picture engine. The "4K lossless picture quality" of the millet TV is comparable to the 4K display.

Millet TV 2S sound quality:

Millet TV 2S cinema version is equipped with independent sound system, 8 speaker SoundBar independent research and development, all aluminum alloy wireless subwoofer and Dolby sound technology. Live music + movie experience, as if in-person cinema-like enjoyment. The audio blindness test was conducted on site, and 80% of the participants thought that Xiaomi was better.

Millet TV 2S thoughtful new design:

Millet TV 2S power plug also uses a new design, this time the power cable from the company to provide wire products for Apple's company manufacturing, flexibility has been greatly improved, with a smaller plug design, space requirements are very small, design Exquisite, full of beauty. Not only does it mean first-class feeling, it is also very easy to use.

This design Xiaomi based on the user's use of the scene, most of the users will be hanging on the wall TV, and traditional TV plugs are large, when the socket is placed on the back of the TV, will bring trouble to the wall. Millet TV 2S no longer has to worry about this issue.

Millet TV 2s configuration:

1 The only globally adopted MStar 6A928 4K TV flagship processor, 4+2 core GPU, and the fourth-generation ultra-clear image quality engine;

22GB large memory + 8GB high-speed flash memory, 802.11ac 2x2 antenna double-double receiving, low-power Bluetooth 4.0;

3 Android 5.0 depth custom MIUI TV, running up to 43833 points. Game smoothness, WiFi transmission rate, victory over international brands.

to sum up:

Specifically, we look at the millet TV 2S uses a Samsung VA panel original RGB true 4K screen with a resolution of 3840x2160. The KSF Phosphor LED high saturation technology developed for high-end models is used to achieve a wider color gamut.

Combining the characteristics of the VA panel, there is no small advantage in contrast, black field control, and after the actual test, the color gamut of this millet TV 2S is as high as 91.3%. In this regard, the millet TV 2S is the same Unprecedented breakthrough in price. The quality sound effects are second to none at the same price point.

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