Taigu introduces Seoul Semiconductor Capital Yiguang will draw on Taigu

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan’s Taigu management rights battle has become more and more fierce. Taigu chose to cooperate with Seoul’s Seoul Semiconductor to introduce the other party’s funds, causing billions of light to be dissatisfied. Single action.

Because Yiguang and Jingdian played a certain role in the previous Taigu private fundraising case, the dispute over the management rights of Taigu was quite controversial. Ye Weifu, chairman of Everlight, even said that he was deceived in the private placement of Taigu. He pointed out that Yiguang had participated in the private placement in the most difficult time in Taigu in 2009, not only giving orders, but also participating in the private placement of Taigu. However, Taigu chose Seoul Semiconductor for cooperation this time.

However, there are also opinions in the Thai Valley. The timing of Seoul Semiconductor’s investment in Taigu was previously there, and Yiguang had previously stated that it would host a malicious acquisition of Taigu and compete for management rights. In this regard, Ye Haofu said that Yiguang does not want to operate in Taigu, but he has to send a chief financial officer to assist in supervision. He also proposed a proposal to buy back private stocks from Taigu, but neither of them has been managed by Taigu. accept.

Everlight has asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to allow shareholders to convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting to re-elect the directors and supervisors. Whether the future shareholders of Taigu can make changes will not be possible.

It is understood that the current share of the Taigu management team is about 9%, plus the equity of the friendly shareholders, estimated to be 25% to 30%, while the shareholding of companies such as Yiguang, Jingdian and Wanhai is about 40%. .

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