Analysis of the causes of LED MR16 light decay

Although LED products have a long life, they are not likely to end up indefinitely. All LED lamps will have light decay, so what is the cause of light decay? Let's take LED MR16 as an example to analyze the causes of LED light decay.
The life of the LED MR16 is manifested by its light decay, which means that the time is long and the brightness is getting lower and lower until it is finally extinguished. It is usually defined that the LED light flux is attenuated by 30% of its life.
The causes of LED MR16 light decay are generally as follows:
1. At high temperature, the transparent epoxy resin will be denatured and yellow, which will affect its light transmission performance. The higher the working temperature, the faster the process will proceed. This is a major cause of LED MR16 light decay.
2. The working temperature of LED MR16 exceeds the carrying temperature of the chip, which will cause the luminous efficiency of LED MR16 to decrease rapidly, resulting in obvious light decay and damage.
3. The light decay of the phosphor is also a major cause of the LED MR16 light decay, because the phosphor's attenuation at high temperatures is very severe.
4. The defects existing in the LED chip material will rapidly proliferate and multiply at higher temperatures until it invades the illuminating area, forming a large number of non-radiative recombination centers, which seriously reduces the luminous efficiency of the LED MR16. In addition, under high temperature conditions, micro-defects in the material and fast-expanding impurities from the interface and the electric board are also introduced into the light-emitting area, forming a large number of deep levels, which also accelerates the light decay of the LED MR16.
It can be seen from the above analysis that high temperature is the main source of LED MR16 light decay and shortening the life of LED MR16. Therefore, current LED manufacturers must make breakthroughs in the heat dissipation of LED products, in order to better play the role of LEDs and increase the service life of LEDs.

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