Shenan's powerful engineering strength helps you to take a green new era

From May 7th to 9th, 2010, the 6th Beijing International LED Exhibition was held in China International Exhibition Center. HC Lighting Network was one of the invited media of the exhibition and attended the lighting exhibition. At the exhibition site, editors and reporters of HC Lighting Network interviewed some enterprises participating in the exhibition.

Mr. Wang Bo, Business Manager of Beijing Shenan Group, accepted our interview at the exhibition.

Wang Bo, Business Manager of Shenan Group

Reporter: Hello, please brief us on Shenan Group.
Wang Bo: Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating concentrated juice, juice series beverage, bio-pharmaceutical engineering, landscape lighting engineering, steel structure engineering, real estate development, landscaping engineering, selenium-enriched biological engineering and other eight industries. High-tech enterprises, in 2007 Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Hongsu Group jointly developed high-brightness LED lighting products, its lighting will bid farewell to the history of LED only low-power, low-light lighting, its birth will make the world The lighting is moving towards a new era of green, environmentally friendly and cold lighting.

Reporter: Shenan has such a strong engineering construction strength! Can you give us a brief introduction to the successful lighting cases of the company?
Wang Bo: Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing Capital Expressway of the First Group.

Reporter: What is the main lighting product?
Wang Bo: The main thing is engineering lighting, LED is a project of Shen'an Group.

Reporter: What do you think are the important determinants of LED development?
Wang Bo: The promotion of the government is very important, and the concept of consumers has changed. Because in terms of price, the chips are imported, even if there is domestic, there is no guarantee for quality, of course, this also requires a process.

The driver IC is placed on the led strip, and the lad strip and the Driver IC are each formed into a separate body.

The advantage is that the circuits are dispersed and the external circuits are self-contained, which reduces complex circuit design and reduces internal components.

At the same time, the failure rate is also reduced, and the performance of the led strip is more stable.

The rate of non-performing is greatly reduced. The three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 levels of brightness display,

serial cascade interface, and can receive and decode data through signal lines. The color of the light is highly consistent and cost-effective.

Generally used for LED full color luminous word string, LED full color module, LED full color soft light strip hard light strip, Led Pixel Screen, LED shaped screen and so on.

It is one of the most common ribbons on the market. The signal is stable and suitable for large-scale engineering design.

Extraposition Digital Led Strip

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