Freescale's gasoline engine management solution

Gasoline engines are the most commonly used drive technology in the world. Modern gasoline engines are able to meet very stringent CO2 regulations and have low production costs, so they are still the first choice for developed machines in the city. Automotive Direct Injection (GDI) technology has a potential 20% increase in fuel economy and can grow significantly over the next few years.

Freescale's expertise and leadership in the powertrain market can help you develop the ultimate environmentally friendly gasoline engine control system for future generations of cars. Our extensive software development tools, runtime software and partner network simplify the development process.

Freescale gasoline engine management solution block diagram

Products for gasoline engine management systems

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Product Series



32-bit MCU

• MPC55xx



• PC5674F

• High-performance MCU family with a scalable e200 core with Power Architecture® technology and up to 6MB of embedded flash.

16-bit MCU

• S12XE

• Watchdog function and safety MCU • High code density, high performance, with XGATE compatible and upgradeable features with a wide range of features and package options

8-bit MCU

• S08SG/SL

• S08SG is suitable for high temperature environments (150°C Ta)

Analog and mixed signal integrated circuits

• MC33730, MC33904, MC33905,

• MC33811, MC33972, MC33975,

• MC33800, MC33810, MC33812,

• MC33899, MC33926, MC33931/32,

• MC33937,

• MC33982, MC33984, MC10XS3412,

• MC33661, MC33902

• Power and system base chips

• Signal conditioning

• Output driver

• H-bridge driver

• 3-phase pre-driver

• Solid state eXtreme switch

• CAN/LIN transceiver


• MPXHZ6115, MPXH9115

• Atmospheric pressure sensor

Available tools

Evaluation Board, Calibration Solution, Software Library, AUTOSAR

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