Roma developed a single-chip USB audio decoder IC BU94702AKV

The well-known Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Roma Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) has recently developed a single chip for MP3 compressed recording, CD-ROM, and USB memory for stereo audio systems, tape recorders, and AV receivers. Playback USB audio decoder IC "BU94702AKV". This new product has started to provide samples in July 2011 (sample price 2,000 yen / piece), and plans to start mass production with a monthly output of 50,000 units in December 2011. Regarding the production base, it is planned that the first steps will be carried out at the headquarters of ROHM Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City) and the assembly steps will be carried out at ROHM Electronics Philippines, Inc. (Philippines).

In recent years, as an audio file recording medium that replaces CDs, USB memory and SD memory cards capable of high-speed and simple writing have attracted much attention. Nowadays, with the increasing capacity and low price of flash memory devices, their use has become mainstream. According to different file formats, ROHM continuously expands its product line of single-chip USB audio decoder IC series, further improves its anti-static destruction ability, and constantly improves the product lineup for car audio, which is well received by customers. In addition, due to the addition of the encoding function, it is possible to play music while recording while the vehicle is running without using a dedicated device, and the use of USB memory and SD memory cards is expected to be more diverse in the future.

In response to this market trend, the "BU94702AKV" developed this time not only has built-in USB / SD HOST function, MP3 / AAC / WMA decoding function, DAC, FAT file system, but also can use only one chip for MP3 compression , CD-ROM playback, USB storage recording. Due to the built-in LDO and DAC circuits, it is only necessary to combine the power supply, audio amplifier, and speaker with this single-chip IC to easily build an audio system. In addition, the use of VQFP80 pin small package, can achieve a larger size and weight reduction. Audio functions can be added to a wide range of applications beyond audio equipment such as alarm clocks, massage chairs, and other leisure products, electronic dictionaries, and digital cameras. Not only that, but also considering the ease of use, you can also perform track retrieval during playback.

ROHM will continue to promote simple and easy-to-use product development that meets customer needs in the future. At the same time, it will continue to work to improve the product line.

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