IPTV breaks through the three networks and enters the fast lane

On February 1, Wang Wenbin, Director of the Network Communication Center of CCTV, and Qiu Xin, Director of Shanghai Radio and TV Station, signed a cooperation agreement on the IPTV broadcast control platform. IPTV central integrated broadcast control platform.

The domestic listed company BesTV (A share code: 600637) issued an announcement saying that it had received the "Notification Letter" from the actual controller of the company, Shanghai Radio and TV Station and the controlling shareholder, Shanghai Oriental Media Group Co., Ltd. (SMG).

The newspaper learned that the two parties will set up a joint venture company to operate IPTV.

Bao Ran, a member of the expert committee of the China Interactive Media Industry Alliance and the head of the digital culture industry working group, said that this merger is the beginning of China's IPTV's true fast lane. This means that CNTV, which has always been designated as the only IPTV broadcast control platform in the country, will get rid of the embarrassment of having no users, and BesTV, who has a national license but always shrunk, will also be able to let go of its users in the future.

Wen Hao, an analyst at CITIC Securities, said in his report that the biggest significance of the integration of the two broadcast control platforms is to solve the legality of future user development.

Of course, this is also the result of a compromise.

Historical dilemma

In fact, BesTV is the platform operator's role in its own business planning.

Zhang Dazhong, deputy director of Shanghai Radio and TV Station and vice chairman of BesTV, said in the exclusive interview with BesTV that BesTV will further strengthen cooperation with Internet service providers and content application providers in the future. The platform will become more and more closely connected with the Internet in the future. Internet video companies and even application service companies will provide services with the help of BesTV. This is also the focus of BesTV in the next step.

The merger of the two platforms happened at a time when IPTV was about to explode.

At the end of 2011, the State Council officially released the list of the second batch of pilot cities for triple-play integration, which resulted in a total of 54 cities that entered the pilot list for triple-play integration, covering 4 municipalities across the country. All capital cities except Taiwan are fully blooming. New era.

However, there are two operators with national licenses.

In fact, BesTV is a special case of China's IPTV test. Since China had no previous experience in IPTV, BesTV received the first national IPTV license in 2005. It has been exploring users in its own way, cooperating with local telecom operators and using its network to provide local users. Content services.

However, BesTV later encountered another national license holder.

On July 12, 2010, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the “Notice on Issues Concerning the Construction of IPTV Integrated Control Platforms in Tri-Network Convergence Pilot Areas”, namely the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television 2010 document No. 344, which states that the IPTV broadcast control platform will adopt China Central Television set up an IPTV integrated general broadcast control platform, and CCTV and local TV stations jointly established a pilot regional IPTV integrated broadcast control sub-platform. CNTV is a specific IPTV operating entity authorized by CCTV.

Of course, the introduction of Document 344 had a great impact on the ongoing development of IPTV that year. Because its regulations have changed the way of cooperation between IPTV licensees and telecom operators, the document essentially shields telecom operators from participating in the operation of IPTV services and serves only as a transparent transmission channel.

Analysts said that there is nothing wrong with building a national IPTV centralized control platform based on BesTV's current operating platform, but the identity is a bit awkward with CNTV.

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