How to see the military parade is wonderful 5 4K large screen TV recommended

2015 was an extraordinary year. Our ancestors defeated the fascists with blood and hard will 70 years ago. Today, we use advanced science and technology to overcome one difficulty after another. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, everyone must be very much looking forward to the grand military parade ceremony on September 3rd. Ordinary people cannot go to the scene, so we still look at it at home. Then the question arises. How can the viewing of the parade ceremonies be done at the most authentic restoration site? How do you feel like being there?

The former TV set was just to meet the viewing needs of the family when they were reunited. As long as the quality was good, the picture was large enough. But now the television industry. The product line is more and more high-tech, 4K, smart, curved, 3D and so on. The renewal of these technologies is more and more a bargaining chip in the hearts of our consumers. How to choose a TV is now a very serious problem.

The viewing experience is the core of television. On the one hand, it is the picture quality of television, and on the other hand, it is the visual impact of the picture. The level of picture quality is well understood, which is what we often say about picture clarity, contrast, fluency, vividness, and so on. The impact of the screen is also closely related to the size of the screen and the effect of the surface. A large enough screen will occupy a larger area in people's field of vision and be closer to the actual scene viewed by the human eye. Therefore, the effect is better and more realistic. The visual impact is greater, and the viewing is not only comfortable, but also can increase the sense of screen layering and three-dimensionality. Here I recommend several excellent television experience experience, I hope to help you buy.

Parade with the money? Surface Artifact TCL H8800

With the approaching of September 3, we are about to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. The country not only arranged a three-day holiday, but also held a grand military parade. Such a grand and at the same time an invigorating parade of military parade. I believe that all the sons and daughters of the country want to see with their own eyes. However, due to security and management reasons, the auditorium auditorium does not provide tickets for the public, and all visitors are invited to attend. Of course, we don’t have to be discouraged. Although we can’t get to the scene, we can feel our country’s national power and military power through live television (parametric pictures).

TCL TV+Surface H8800 series is TCL's new surface television launched this year, including Quantum Dot Edition, Extreme Edition, Premium Edition, and Elegant Edition. A total of 9 products cover the mainstream size from 55 inches to 78 inches. The second generation of color to quantum dot display technology, full coverage from FHD to 4K display technology, thus forming the world's most powerful surface product camp of the color TV industry, since listing, whether it is the national tour or winning the award, have achieved the highest praise in the industry. It also became the first sales volume of home-made surface for 12 consecutive weeks.

The TCL H8800 curved TV uses a screen with a 4000R golden curvature, which perfectly matches the viewing mode of the human eye. The distances between the various parts of the screen and the human eye are the same, just as if they are watching real things, giving people a realistic sense of presence. In addition, humans experience the retina structure of the external image is originally arc, and the general flat-screen television in the human eye is distorted, need to go through the brain's correction, so easily lead to visual fatigue will increase the burden on the brain.

TCL H8800 curved TV is also equipped with TV + true color technology, through the second generation of high-color red-green phosphor, with backlight control technology, image quality processing technology, NV color gamut enhancement technology, etc., effectively enhance the TV's color gamut coverage, Up to 110% of the NTSC color gamut can be better restored images, showing a more natural and realistic picture. You can see any details of the parade, and highly restore the true effect of the Navy, Marine, and Air Force military uniforms.

TCL H8800 Quantum Dot Edition and Extreme Edition both use Harman Kardon S-class surface acoustics, equipped with 57 audio components, with Dolby, DTS, DTS surround full decoding capabilities, use 6 units of long stroke to ensure clear and full sound, enhance its The sense of presence on the sound. The magnificent grandeur of the parade will be reflected.

It is reported that, TCL surface TV H8800 with excellent visual telepresence, broad viewing perspective, realistic Harman Kardon S-class stereo sound, formally entered the commanding front of the military parade command vehicle and flag escort honor room, become the front of the military parade command control The effective assistant of the field will use the top technology of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese enterprises to support the parade and demonstrate China’s scientific and military strength to the world.


[Reference price] 18999 yuan

[Dealer] Jingdong

The ultimate appearance of exquisite screen BOE Alta

At present, there is a business logic in China that pursues low cost and high market share. Under this kind of business logic, companies can easily fall into the cheap, low-end vicious competition, losing quality and quality for quantity. The Chinese brand BOE has released its first 55-inch 4K TV BOE Alta with a minimalist appearance and exquisite craftsmanship. It has won a number of international design awards and wants to shape the country’s own high-end TV brands. In the BOE official mall, the price of this high-end TV is 19,800 yuan. Interested readers can click to enter the BOE mall to purchase.

BOE Alta has adopted a minimalist design style and has abandoned all unnecessary extras. The integrated black glass screen and silver audio echo each other, leaving only a touch power switch with a breathing light function on the front. The screen and base adopt a bold cross structure, one vertical and one horizontal. The integrated design of the base and sound not only provides stable support, but also creates a good viewing angle and comfort experience.

BOE Alta uses the industry's first-in-a-line design. It is wrapped in a 2in1 cord with Marsala red knit fabric, connecting the body to the box, freeing the user from the messy wiring. In addition to the glass screen, Alta's body is anodized, aluminum-magnesium alloy all-metal material. It is the only audiovisual product in China that has won both the iF Gold Award and the Red Dot Award.

BOE Alta uses a 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition LCD panel independently developed by BOE and uses a fully-fitted glass process. The surface of the screen is applied with multi-layer anti-glare technology, which greatly increases the light transmittance of the screen, that is, at the same power consumption. Lower can achieve higher brightness. And equipped with the world's top audio brand Harman's sound equipment, in the picture and sound have excellent performance.

Boe Alta launched BOE in the overall industrial design and the details of the process up and down a great deal of effort, so that science and technology and the perfect combination of art and achieve excellent quality and appearance. In the dominant TV market in Japan and South Korea, the domestic brand BOE took the lead in launching the 10K resolution screen and the release of the high-end TV BOE Alta, which is undoubtedly an improvement of the Chinese corporate image.

BOE Alta

[Reference price] 19,800 yuan

[Promotion business]

High-end control light technology Hisense LED55K720UC

The principle of the backlight has always been to limit the bottleneck of LCD TV picture quality improvement. Since the LCD panel itself does not emit light, the display of the images needs to rely on the irradiation of light, which makes it difficult to enhance the TV in terms of contrast and motion picture fluency. The ULED TV developed by Hisense is precisely through the fine dynamic lighting technology, making the LCD TV's picture quality has been significantly improved. Hisense this year released a new 720UC curved ULED TV. Combining a new generation of ULED technology with curved screens creates a stunning visual effect. Currently in the Jingdong Mall, 55-inch Hisense LED55K720UC TV is priced at 11999 yuan, and interested friends can click to enter the Jingdong Mall to buy.

As Hisense's new high-end TV product, Hisense LED55K720UC TV uses a 4000R perfect curvature arc screen, not only has a very stylish appearance, but also can create a good surrounding surround effect, giving the user a cinematic immersive look and feel. A new generation of ULED TVs has added more than a dozen high dynamic range processing technologies to achieve ultra-high dynamic contrast and high brightness performance with finer lighting technology. In the dark field detail performance, it can perfectly represent ordinary TVs difficult to perform. Dark field details.

Hisense ULED surface TV application 12 colorful processing technology, 14 ultra-high definition enhancement processing technology, 8 motion image enhancement processing technology, can have the ultimate performance in the color, clarity, smoothness of the moving picture. The new Hi-Sound audio processing system used in the TV supports DTS Premium Sound.1 decoding, perfect match with Dolby DD+, can be used with Sound Bar plug-in stereo, and its low frequency is powerful, medium frequency is soft and clear, high-frequency fiber is complete, audio-visual The effect is very good.

In addition to the ultimate experience in picture quality and sound quality, Hisense LED55K720UC TV is also equipped with a new VIDAA3 smart TV system, has rich HD content resources, and speed of smooth control experience. The unique four-button direct access, without home design, makes the manipulation of the smart TV extremely simple, and the diverse aggregation function can also enrich the user's experience.

Hisense LED55K720UC

[Reference price] 11999 yuan

[Promotion business] JD.COM

Ultra-thin airframe up Skyworth 65G9200

GLED is the name of Skyworth's geek Internet TV and has powerful intelligent Internet features. The following recommendation for everyone is Skyworth's G9TV G9200 released at the end of last year. The TV has 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch sizes, and its body thickness is only 7.5mm, and it has excellent picture quality. At present, 65-inch Skyworth 65G9200 (parameter picture article) TV is priced at 17,999 yuan in Jingdong Mall, and interested friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall to purchase.

The thickness of the Skyworth G9200 TV is only 7.5mm, which is thinner than Apple iphone5s. And 4 color 4K hard screen technology plus wide color gamut technology, can make the picture color more beautiful, the picture is clearer and smoother.

In terms of television sound effects, Skyworth and JBL, the world’s leading audio equipment manufacturer, tailored the G9200’s exclusive World of Warcraft JG Bluetooth stereo sound, built-in 4 full-range speakers and 2 tweeters, supporting analog 5.1-channel output, The treble is more transparent and the midrange is more sturdy. It supports Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones and one-touch transmission of mass music.

Skyworth 65G9200, as the flagship product of GLED's geek Internet TV, not only excels in appearance, picture quality and sound quality, but also features a built-in professional video game battle platform Geek-Box, which is built for television. Cool open system and powerful 64-bit chips, whether it is somatosensory devices, game controllers or mobile phones can run smoothly, support multiplayer games, easy to achieve a happy interaction of family entertainment.

Skyworth 65G9200

[Reference price] 17999 yuan

[Promotion business] JD.COM

Elegantly proud of the surface Samsung UA55JS9800J

As the world’s largest TV brand in terms of shipments, Samsung’s flagship SUHD TV launched at the beginning of this year incorporates the most advanced display and screen technologies such as quantum dots, curved surfaces, and ultra-clear displays in color performance, presence and clarity. Degrees are excellent, with superb picture quality performance. Among them, the Samsung UA55JS9800J not only possesses many advanced technologies, but also adopts a metallic wavy design in appearance. Currently in the Jingdong business, this TV is priced at 19,158 yuan, and interested friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall for purchase.

Samsung SUHD TV JS9800 frame uses a more rounded and soft style. The back has a soft, wavy-lined texture. Although it uses a solid metal, it looks like a soft, undulating textile. Together with the curved surface of the screen, smooth metal body, to create a simple style of elegant appearance.

The Samsung SUHD UA55JS9800J flagship TV adopts a new Quantum Dot QLED display technology and continues to consolidate its strong surface technology in an attempt to bring a stunning audio and video experience to the user in both quality and sense. In terms of picture quality, Samsung's unique environmental-friendly nano crystals and smart SUHD re-mastering image quality engine make this TV outstanding in terms of contrast, brightness, color reproduction, and detail presentation.

In addition to outstanding performance in appearance and picture quality, the Samsung UA55JS9800 TV is also equipped with the new operating system Tizen. The system not only has a simpler user interface and is more convenient in operation, but also has a very rich set of functions. On-demand, this TV is equipped with mango TV platform, in terms of content more in line with the preferences of domestic users.

Samsung UA55JS9800J

[Reference price] 19,158 yuan

[Promotion business] JD.COM

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