Yang Rongshan: Proview is not going to lose to others with trade lighting LED lighting

Although Yang Rongshan, the founder of Proview Technology, won the lawsuit with Apple, but Apple's compensation of 60 million US dollars, compared to its nearly 400 million US dollars of debt, is still a drop in the bucket. However, Proview Technology Yang Rongshan was not in a hurry. On the one hand, he refused to pay lawyers fees. On the other hand, he was preparing to make a comeback and enter the new energy field.

According to Yang Rongshan, at present, Proview Technology has accepted that from a number of domestic and foreign investors with a total investment of 100 million yuan, Proview Technology will set up a new subsidiary to transform into new energy fields such as LED lighting and bioenergy generation. .

Why does Proview Technology choose to enter an area that it has never been involved in? Yang Rongshan told reporters that the reasons for this:

Yang Rongshan: We used to be the display industry. The lighting and display industries are similar to some extent. We are very sensitive to lighting and LEDs. From the technical production, we have all touched it. Our products have in fact been tested by domestic and foreign customers for two or three years, which proves that our quality is very stable. Second, from a competitive perspective, we are doing highly competitive industries, so we don't think our competitiveness in the lighting industry will be lost to others.

It is understood that Proview has laid out the LED lighting business a few years ago. In 2008, Proview invested $15.5 million and established Proview Optoelectronics Lighting Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Proview Group, Proview is responsible for the R&D, design, production, sales and installation of LED lighting products. In addition, in 2010, Proview's Wuhan Proview and Wuhan Xingguan Electronics began production and sales of LED optoelectronic lighting products. However, as Yang Rongshan was ordered to go bankrupt by the Hong Kong High Court in 2010, the relevant company suspended the business.

Yang Rongshan said that this time he is marching into the "new energy" field, not the method he has come up with. In fact, as early as a few years ago, the company set the direction.

Yang Rongshan: These things were all prepared before. The first stage is to cooperate with overseas customers. We will do the docking work for domestic manufacturers, starting with trade and raising trade with trade.

Yang Rongshan, the founder of Proview Technology, is still working with lawyers while announcing his entry into the new energy field. At present, Guohao Law Firm and Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm, which have been the legal agent of IPAD trademark rights for Proview Technology, have collectively taken Proview Technology to the court and demanded that Proview Technology will pay them nearly 45 million. Lawyer fees.

However, Yang Rongshan is not afraid of lawyers telling him. He told reporters that he has clearly stated in the contract that Apple’s compensation of 60 million US dollars will give priority to repaying 400 million US dollars of debt. As for the fees of lawyers, Yang Rongshan said that the words he used at the time were "for priority payments," rather than "a certain priority payment." Therefore, he felt that the lawyers were a little too anxious.

Yang Rongshan: As stated in the contract, Proview should strive to pay the lawyer's fee first. This shows that the lawyer had already known that Proview did not have the financial resources to control the attorney's fees. At that time, Proview had a financial crisis and there was already bank supervision. How can I have a priority with someone signing a contract? I am also disappointed with this matter, you know it.

However, Xie Xianghui, a lawyer of Guohao Law Firm who defended the Proview Technology iPad trademark case, did not accept Yang Rongshan’s remarks. He said that Yang Rongshan was betrayal and did not make sense.

Xie Xianghui: This is absolutely unacceptable. This actually violates his own commitment at the time and violates the basic legal norms of fairness and justice. How could he repay the money of the bondmaker? He now owes nearly $400 million to creditors. He only gets $60 million and how to repay the creditors’ money. Second, the lawyer is his agent. He hopes that we will provide him with a risk agent and issue a trademark protection for the iPad. After receiving the money, according to the practice of the lawyer industry, according to the contract, he should deduct our lawyer's fees. How can they think that lawyers don't have to spend money? Any company that is on the verge of bankruptcy does not have the right to let lawyers work for free.

For Xie Xianghui's statement, Yang Rongshan did not understand, he said that he did not pay back the money, but slowed down. In Yang Rongshan's view, Guohao Law Firm used Shenzhen Proview as a hype tool to enhance its popularity by smearing Shenzhen Proview.

Yang Rongshan: The lawyer's fee will definitely be paid, but it is not a priority. They can't get more than they get paid. According to the general distribution, their income is already very high.

Xie Xianghui, a lawyer of Guohao Law Firm, said that he would join other companies that were in arrears with lawyers and Shenzhen Proview. Xie Xianghui was very disdainful about the move of Proview Technology into the new energy field. He admits that if a person does not have integrity, the company will not succeed.

Xie Xianghui: I think that any enterprise must first be honest. If his investor or his legal representative does not speak honestly, he will not succeed in any business.

Although Yang Rongshan always thought that he was reasonable, he also worried that this incident may have a negative impact on him.

Yang Rongshan: I didn't say no. We also told him what channels you should fight for. How can we say that we are not keeping credibility? We feel that this has caused harm to the resurrection, and we feel that we are a trustworthy person or company.

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