Nikkiso announced that its 50mW deep UV LED is fully available

Nikkiso's subsidiary, San Diego, Calif., USA, announced that its 50mW deep UV LEDs are fully available. The company's DUV LED lamps are manufactured in a mature manufacturing facility at its manufacturing facility in Ishikawa, Japan, including epitaxial, wafer and package integration. The VPS173, a family of UV LED products, delivers up to 50mW of power output in the world, a 70% increase in power compared to the previous generation of 30mW. Its demonstration operating life can exceed 10,000 hours at 350mA drive current.

Japanese machine equipped with VPS173 deep ultraviolet LED produced in the United States

Initially, the company plans to introduce a deep-UV LED sterilizer with an 280 nm wavelength. The company also plans to introduce other products ranging from 265 nm to 300 nm. Nikkiso pointed out that the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor Akazaki and Professor Nonochi, developed the company's proprietary AlGaN semiconductor technology to achieve the highest performance and efficiency in the UV-B and UV-C sections of the spectrum.

Dennis Martin, president and CEO of Nikkiso America, said, "The development of UV LED technology is changing with each passing day, with extraordinary progress, from light output power, efficiency to cost, every year. LED technology has advantages over traditional UV lamp solutions, whether it involves maintenance, medical, sterilization or analytical instruments. The technology trend of LED replacement for traditional lamps is inevitable, so system designers and their product roadmaps are A very important consideration."

According to Nikkiso, the new UV LED device has a compact and rugged design that provides faster start-up times and consistent power. And over time, its wavelength control and working life are longer. It is a good choice to replace current UV lamps.

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