5 teach you to choose integrated ceiling LED panel light

Principle 1: Look at the power factor of the overall lighting

The low power factor indicates that the driving power supply circuit used is not well designed, which greatly reduces the service life of the lighting. How to detect? —— Power factor meter generally exports LED panel lamp power factor requirements of more than 0.85. If the power factor is less than 0.5, the product is unqualified. Not only is the lifespan short, but the power consumption is about twice as high as that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. Therefore, LED panel lights must be equipped with high quality and high efficiency drive power. If there is no consumer of the power factor meter used to monitor the LED lighting power factor, an ammeter can be used to monitor. The higher the current, the greater the power consumption and the more electricity. The current is unstable and the lighting life is shorter.

Principle 2: Look at lighting conditions - lighting, structure, materials

LED lighting heat dissipation is also crucial, the same power factor lighting and the same quality of the lamp, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp bead works at high temperature, the light decay will be great, and thus reduce the service life. The heat-dissipating materials are divided into copper, aluminum and PC according to the effect. The current heat-dissipating materials on the market are mainly aluminum. The best one is insert aluminum, followed by aluminum, and the worst is cast aluminum. In terms of inserts, aluminum has the best heat dissipation effect.

Principle 3: Look at the drive power used in lighting

The life of the power supply is much shorter than the rest of the lighting, and the life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lighting. In theory, the life of the lamp is between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, and the power life is between 0.2 and 30,000 hours. Therefore, the design and material selection of the power supply will directly affect the service life of the power supply. It is recommended to select the power supply for the aluminum alloy when purchasing. Because aluminum alloys dissipate heat better than engineering plastics and protect internal parts from damage and looseness during long-distance transportation, the failure rate is low.

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