European market valve quality certification regulations and standards

China has joined the WTO, in order to be in line with international practices, to guide valve manufacturers to obtain a "passport" in the European Community market as soon as possible, so it is a top priority to understand and be familiar with relevant technical regulations and standards.

The so-called EU Directive for the valve manufacturer is the European Community Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC. The directive entered the implementation phase in the EU member states on November 29, 1999, and there was a transition period until May 29, 2002, during which time pressure equipment or large manufacturers could choose pressure equipment directives or continue to comply with 1999. National regulations existed before November 29th of the year. However, as of May 30, 2002, most of the pressure equipment and equipment installed in the European Community market must comply with PED97/23/EC. In other words, forcible implementation, all pressure equipment (including valves) within the specified range, manufacturers that have not obtained the certification of the “designated institution” of the European Community, and products without the “CE mark” shall not be placed in Europe. Community market

The management and technical personnel of the valve industry in China were familiar with the former Soviet Union's standards and regulations (FOCT) in the 1950s. In the late 1950s, the standards of China's valve industry (JB) were formulated in the industry with reference to FOCT. A large number of technologies have been introduced, applying international standards (ISO), American standards (ANSI, SME, ASTM, API, etc.), Japanese standards (JIS) and British standards (BS). In the 1980s, the valve industry was developed with reference to ISO and ANSI. National standard (GB). But our leaders and staff in the valve industry don't know much about European Community standards (harmonized standards) and regulations. In the new century, when China entered the implementation of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, it is necessary to study the European Community Pressure Device Directive (PED) in detail.

At present, many manufacturers of the valve association have obtained the ISO9000 quality system certification, which is a good foundation. However, the European Community requires that the “designated institution” authorized by it should perform the certification to be effective in order to affix the CE mark. The “designated agency” authorized by the European Community of the European Community has established an office in China to carry out certification work.

The time for the implementation of the PED by the European Community has passed. A year ago, the Valve Industry Association actively prepared the compilation work in order to prepare the valve manufacturers that have the ability to export in China, and contacted the “designated institutions” of the European Community.


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