GE and 7-Eleven strategic cooperation expand to Malaysia

Malaysia 7-Eleven Holdings Co., Ltd. has partnered with General Electric Group (GE) Malaysia Lighting Business Unit to renovate its 7-Eleven store using the latest sustainable retail lighting solutions.

In recent years, relying on the cooperation opportunities between GE and 7-Eleven in North America, the two parties have extended their strategic partnership to a global scale. The lighting solution project with 7-Eleven in Malaysia is a new attempt after the 7-Eleven store LED project in southern Thailand.

“We have started to rectify more than 1,700 7-Eleven stores nationwide in Malaysia,” said Swee Aun, National Manager of GE Lighting Malaysia. It is reported that Malaysia 7-Eleven is Malaysia's largest convenience store with more than 1,700 stores in the country, serving more than 900,000 customers every day.

  • [ON" mode: The night light is always on and the mode can be switched.
  • "Auto" mode: The night light lights up when it senses people and the environment is dark. It will go out after no 15S movement.
  • "OFF" mode: night light is off
  • [+" button: The brightness of the night light increases, and the operation method: single point or long press
  • [-" button: The brightness of the night light is reduced, the operation method: single point or long press
  • "â—‹" button:

In "ON" mode:

  • Single point: for mode switching, normal → flashing → colorful → normal...
  • Long press: enter the color selection mode, release the button to retain the current color
In "Auto" mode:
  • Single point: color one button to reach warm white light

Pir Night Light

Pir Night Light

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